Franchise model

YUVA is proud to join hands with educational institutesaspiring to provide holistic education to children around the world. The proposed model is structured to benefit the specified needs and requirements of the growing years of the children.Yuva has vast experience in establishing schools and colleges in urban and rural areas in Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. With a successful educational token, YUVA wants to drive forward and collaborate with aspiring institutions who wants cater the best education to the society. Best and Affordable education is the need of the hour, YUVA claims to provide the same to our clients. The unique blend of health, academy, infotainment, values of premium componentscan be


  • Text books and Supportive material.
  • Curriculum and training support
    • Unique and holistic curriculum
    • In detail manuals and day wise curriculum support
    • Worksheets and skill developing support to kids and Teachers
    • Evaluation policy and procedure for kids and Staff.
    • Parental workshops to backup the curriculum model
    • Training and supporting staff.
    • Mentoring and guiding through Holistic Leadership Program .
  • Operational Management Support
    • Working process manuals and supporting systems.
    • Student analysis reports and remedial support system
    • Guidelines for activities and events
    • Setting Annual goals and working models.

Curriculum partnership

Keep an open mind and an open dialogue. Change will happen. Acknowledge that, plan for it and move ahead.

YUVA with a Holistic curriculum is looking forward to meet the likeminded institutions who aspire to think outside the box, combine existing resources in innovative ways and create learning opportunities that did not previously exist. As a curriculum support YUVA will provide the following deliverables to its esteemed partners

Teaching and learning based on previous observations. Learning

Challenge, planned learning experiences. Plan, do and review process.

Emphasize on practical learning in real life contexts, Ability to apply learning in day to day life aspects

Subject specified trainings. Language development strengthened.Theoretical and practical approach of learning aspects trained.Study of Methodologies

Pre primary text books

YUVAhaving kindergarten schools and world schools as partners has vast experience in education sector. Being effective curriculum partners with various schools, YUVA is stepping towards making Pre primary text books with practical skill sheets, supportive aids, curriculum in understandable, communicable, readable fashion considering the merits of learning attitudes of young learners. A very thoughtful colorful book with stories, rhymes, pictures, and activities will bring in joy towards learning process of our young learners. In addition to cater language, math, general awareness, the books will also accommodate, early science facts, research attitude and set values in our young children.

YUVA-The Course of Our Educational System

Children gain experience and education in school academically and non-academically through a curriculum called “Early Bird”. The preparation of the Early bird curriculum is based on many years of research on the overall development and brain function of children belonging to the kindergarten age group. Teachers undergo extensive training on the methodology of delivery. Each session is prepared with care and expertise. Early Bird involves the participation of children, parents and the teachers and is aCombination of knowledge, skills & attitude.