Who Am I

The greatest dimension of the human race is the discovery of oneself. He has to understand himself, no matter where he or she is positioned as an economy, family or community. Must have felt.

What is my real need? What is my real merit? What is unique about myself? What opportunities are there for me in this world? How far can I travel here? If one can answer the obvious questions about himself and the world, then one's life is in his hands.

Through understanding of oneself, one brings his life into his own hands. His life remote has its own. Life is beautiful when it is. And realise that each and every movement of life is enjoyable .

One must understand nature to live happily. To understand the universe of nature, one must first understand oneself. Here, there is nothing to understand in the universe after one has understood himself -Ramana Maharishi.

The secrets of the whole universe are imbibed within every human being. Understanding it is the first and foremost importance of every human being. This book in your hands is a wonderful tool to help you find yourself, which is lost by you for some reasons. This is an awesome technology too to reverse you.

Not only that, this book is a training ground for you to learn what the world expects of a student or a man. Who am I? This book is a wonderful treasure to help you understand and live a successful life.

Look for yourself and identify yourself. Confront the rest of this world life with lofty thoughts, such as your uniqueness, hope and ambition. Realize that the world was created for you. Trust.

Congratulations on this book as a key to unlocking the new treasures of your life. Come on, you will taking care of yourself.

Your time starts now ...