TaalkShop Academy

Taalk Shop Academy is an arena to bring out the finest of yourself to upscale your quality of life. Our main focus is to facilitate you to analyze and craft the power which lies within you, which will in-turn help you to express yourself with liberty. Self-expressions with ease is an art, which can create a freedom to be undemanding and the power to be more efficient in the vital part of your life, which can be your personal as well as professional.

Art of public speaking

  • Approach/principles during public gathering
  • Tried and tested methods to be an influential public speaker
  • Secrets to master the art of Public speaking

The Art of public speaking

  • Key Management professionals
  • Emerging female/male Entrepreneurs
  • Teaching & Training professionals
  • Sales & Marketing Professionals
  • Students
  • Mass Communication Professionals
  • Public Relation Officers
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Promising & budding Speakers

The Art of public speaking

  • To connect positively with your audience.
  • Cascade your ideas & thoughts through your communication.
  • Thought clarity in your speech.
  • To become undeniably wanted by your audience.
  • To master being a crowd puller.
  • To zero down your stage fear.